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Goat breeds around the world

Goat Breeds Around The World

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There are about more than 300 goat breeds present in the world. Some goat breeds are wild type which means they live in the forests and mountains etc. and are…

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Nigerian Dwarf Goat

All About Nigerian Dwarf Goat

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Nigerian Dwarf goat is the miniature breed of West African Ancestry. It is a hardy and economical dairy breed that produced milk with high butter fat content. Here are some…

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Nubian goats

All About Nubian Goats

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Nubian goats were developed in the 1920’s and 30’s by a cross between Old English milch goat and the Middle Eastern breeds such as Zariby and Nubian imported from India,…

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Types of poultry

7 Types of Poultry Birds you can Farm

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Among the major types of poultry chicken is considered as the major choice for the production and consumption of meat and eggs, however the following types of poultry birds should…

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Learn All About the Holstein Cows

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Holstein cows are the cattle that produce the highest milk in the world per lactation. They originate from Netherlands, Germany and Denmark and are distributed all over the world. More…

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planning your poultry farming

Planning Your Poultry Farming Business

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Poultry farming is mostly referred as raising of chickens for the production of broiler meat and layer eggs. However poultry is not limited to the production of chickens, many people…

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