Goat breeds around the world

Goat Breeds Around The World

1920 1280 thewisefarmer

There are about more than 300 goat breeds present in the world. Some goat breeds are wild type which means they live in the forests and mountains etc. and are…

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Nigerian Dwarf Goat

All About Nigerian Dwarf Goat

2310 1540 thewisefarmer

Nigerian Dwarf goat is the miniature breed of West African Ancestry. It is a hardy and economical dairy breed that produced milk with high butter fat content. Here are some…

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Nubian goats

All About Nubian Goats

1600 1200 thewisefarmer

Nubian goats were developed in the 1920’s and 30’s by a cross between Old English milch goat and the Middle Eastern breeds such as Zariby and Nubian imported from India,…

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