All About Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Nigerian Dwarf Goat

All About Nigerian Dwarf Goat

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Nigerian Dwarf goat is the miniature breed of West African Ancestry. It is a hardy and economical dairy breed that produced milk with high butter fat content. Here are some Facts and

Nigerian Dwarf Goat Facts

Country Of Origin: West Africa

Type: Dairy

Distinguishing Characters: Nigerian Dwarf goat is a miniature goat breed and some Nigerian dwarf goats have blue eyes.

Height: According to American Dairy Goat Association, a Nigerian Dwarf goat should be 22.5 inches at withers if a doe and 23.5 inches at withers if it is a buck.

Coat Color: Nigerian dwarf goat comes in many colors such as white, black, gold, rerd, cream and patterns such as buckskin and chamoisee with or without white spots.

Some Nigerian Dwarf goats have blue eyes.

Eye color: Some goats have blue eyes

Horned: Yes, Naturally Horned

Average Milk Production: 2.5 Pounds milk per day

Average Butter Fat Content: 6.5%, Later in lactation it can rise to about 10%. Nigerian dwarf goat milk is excellent for cheese, soap and cream making.

Nigerian Dwarf Goat Care:

Nigerian dwarf goat is a hardy and economical goat that requires small amount of care but even then proper housing, feeding and health management of your goats is necessary. Weather you are keeping the goats as pets or for fresh high butter fat Nigerian dwarf goat milk taking good care of your goats will make them live and produce longer and better.

Nigerian Dwarf Goat Housing:

  1. Good housing is the key to the health of your goats. Keep the barn clean and dry. Without the maintenance of your barn your goats could get sick.
  2. Clean your bard at least once a month and provide a fenced yard for your goats if there is a risk of predator attacks
  3. Provide shade in summer and protection from winter winds
  4. The barn should be will ventilated
  5. Space requirement for each goat is 250 square feet.
  6. Clean the barn more often during summer as compared to winter
  7. Provide good and clean bedding in winters because it acts as a compost and keeps your goats warm. Disinfect the bedding if possible.
  8. Provide adequate water all the time

Nigerian Dwarf Goat feeding:

  1. Because Nigerian dwarf goat is a dairy breed you need to provide a 12% to 18% protein dairy ration.
  2. Hay in the form of a good grass/alfalfa or clover or pasture should be available at all times
  3. Mineral salts and fresh clean water should also be available to the goats 24 hour of the day.
  4. Grain should not be overfed and it should never be more than 50% of the diet. You should always feed grain according the age and condition of the each goat.
  5. For a dairy doe, the rule of thumb is to feed one pound of concentrate for every two quarts of milk produced.
  6. Good protein intake is important for the doe and the proper kid birth weights.

Nigerian Dwarf Goat Health:

  1. Goats are usually hardy animals. Regularly get your goats checked up and vaccinate them properly and on time.
  2. Follow the vaccination schedule given by your veterinarian and don’t wait for your goats to get sick, always be one step ahead and observe your animals for any signs of illness.
  3. Deworm your goats every 3 to 4 months to kill internal parasites and maintain your goats growth or follow the schedule given by your veterinarian
  4. Trim your goat’s hooves every three months.

Final Word

The Nigerian Dwarf goat is amazing dairy purpose animal and you can farm it to generate some revenue at the end of the year or raise it as a pet too.  Take care of your goats, feed them properly, give the adequate shelter and vaccinate them on time. Observe your animals and if you detect any laziness etc. get a doctor to check up your goats for any problem.

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